The Evidence Base® is proud to be a media partner with the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR; NJ, USA) for its 2021 annual meeting, Virtual ISPOR 2021 (17–20 May).

The theme of this year’s annual meeting isHEOR: evolving for tomorrow’s challenges, which seeks to address lessons learned from COVID-19, and opportunities and challenges now facing the health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) fields.

In this eBook, we have compiled our highlights from Virtual ISPOR 2021, including poster summaries and key takeaways from the three plenary sessions.

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Contents include:

  • [DAY 1 POSTER HIGHLIGHTS] Real-world data sources in Japan; real-world evidence use in Latin America; and applying AI to identify individuals with undiagnosed hepatitis C virus
  • [DAY 2 POSTER HIGHLIGHTS] Estimating sample sizes in real-world research studies; accounting for ‘genericization’ in cost–effectiveness analyses; and assessing ovarian cancer treatment patterns in France
  • [DAY 3 POSTER HIGHLIGHTS] Exploring economic evaluation methods for medical devices; challenges associated with defining controls in HEOR studies; and a patient-mediated medical records platform
  • [EDITORIAL] Inside the plenaries  towards 'HEOR 2.0'
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